Packages offered by See World



Study tours and Summer Camps

We will offer your children study tours to UK private schools, which enable children experience UK elite education comprehensively.

  • Summer (winter) Camps of outdoor exploration. Customers will participate in outdoor exploration with local kids.

  • Fencing training camp. Customers will attend fencing courses in UK and improve fencing skills as well as leaning fencing manners and culture.



Business tour

The development of UK’s economy brings more and more business opportunities. Therefore, we are dedicated in designing luxury business tours.

  • Employee welfare tour. We will personalize your own journey in accordance with your requirements.

  • Business visit. We could arrange business visit and trainings for customers. There are different plans and quotations for customers to choose to ensure make customers satisfy.



Leisure trip

  • We will provide customers with flexible services. Customers will decide journeys by themselves.

  • Courses of fencing, golf or tennis could be arranged in trips if customers are keen on sports.

  • Splendid football matches will be booked in advance for customers.



Professional services

No matter what our customers like, we will always be ready to make them satisfied.

  • We could offer visa invitation letters, visa application and personalized plans.

  • Providing VIP services. According to customers’ requirements, we could also air charter services.

  • Offering 24- hour Chinese and English guidance services and public relations services. All our customers need to do is enjoy.